Google Reader Ends Today! Must Import Today!

If you follow your blogs with Google Reader it ends today!  You need to link your blogs another way!  It's really easy.

I've tried two different ones out and I really like them both.

Bloglovin is really simple and you can sign up with your Facebook account!  They will send you a daily email of your favorite blogs.  Sign up for an account.  Click on your picture and there is a link to import your blogs from Google Reader.  Easy as pie.  They have a search button but it searches the whole database not just my blogs!  I will miss Google Reader!

Follow on Bloglovin

Feedly is also very easy to use because you log in using your Google account!  When you log in, it will automatically transfer your blogs.  I have a tab on Chrome pages with all my blogs at my fingertips!  One of the things I will miss from Google Reader is the search option.  It looks like Feedly is working on this! Well for some reason my Feedly link is not working.  I have a help ticket in to them!  I guess use Bloglovin'!

follow us in feedly
So you choose but do it TODAY!!!!!

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  1. Thanks! I just switched over to blog login'! I'm really going to miss google reader!
    Rambling About Reading


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