10 Fun Things About Me Linky Party!

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10... I teach for the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Early Childhood Program!
I love working with new teachers and teaching them the real world!

One thing I love to share with them is Responsive Classroom!  I love the procedures and the Morning Meeting!  I just ordered a new book Doing Math in Morning Meeting!  Can't wait for it to come!

9... I began Weight Watchers again!  I struggle with my weight because I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrom.  My first week I lost 5 pounds!  Great start!  Pray I keep going!

8... I am the superintendent of  my Sunday School, Director of our Vacation Bible School Program and I sing in our contemporary band called Emmaus!  The Lord is the focus of my life and he gets me through everything!

7...  I love kid movies.  I am currently sitting with my five year old and watching Despicable Me!  The second Despicable Me 2 was the funniest movie ever!

6... My husband and I adopted five fantastic kids!  This photo was from last summer on the beach in Florida.  We are having them redone this fall.  I can't wait.  I hope that other families that struggle having children consider this option.  My life will never be the same!  I love them so much!

5...  My best friend teaches next door to me!  Normally, we both teach first but this year we had an abundance of kindergartners and she is teaching kindergarten!

4... We have a pool that has been a pain in my ...
Our pump went out - chaching!
We lost a lot of water - refill it - chaching!
Now we have a leak in the liner somewhere!
We have filled it 2 more times - chaching - chaching!
Fixing it this week!  Chaching Again!
I just want to fill it in with dirt!  Kids however do not agree!

3... I like to cook but not clean up!

Some of may favorite recipes are on Pinterest!
Pasta Bean Soup Recipe

Low-Country Shrimp Boil & Giveaway

2...  I love to read!  I read all kinds of books but my favorite author is Barbara Freethy.
Check out her books they are full of mystery and romance.  Her Kindle books are cheap too!  Love my Kindle!
1... Love my husband!  We met in grade school - although I didn't like him all that much back then.  We actually started dating my senior year!  He's a great guy!  I think I'll keep him!  We actually got to go on a date this summer for our 20th Anniversary!  We went to a wine tasting at an observatory!  Beautiful!

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