This is the House the Jack Built Freebie

The class is learning short a word families and we worked on the -ack family!  The funny part is I have three boys named: Jack, Jack and Jackson!  What a fun way to use their names in our readings!

I have been making sure that I read and reread the book to assist with comprehension.  This story is great for sequencing.  The first day I read the story and we glued the pictures in order.  The second day the students wrote down what the character or object did in the story.

Comprehension: Sequencing
Phonics: -ack word family
Vocabulary: worried, forlorn, tattered, crumpled
Writing:  Sequencing

It's amazing how the kids pick up unusual vocabulary.  We used the vocabulary throughout the week and even into the next week as they were making connections!  I stuck my foot in my mouth as I said, Oh my your shoes are looking a little tattered!"  She replied, "I bought these this way!"  Go figure!

Try this story out!  It was a lot of fun!  Click on the cover to pick up these freebies!

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Describe Splat the Cat Freebie

Last week we read the very fun stories of Splat the Cat!  The kids fell in love with him.  I used some great packets available on TpT by Jessica Lawler and Angela Wilson.  It is so nice not to do it all myself!  Thank you ladies for the great products. 

One activity I made was a describe Splat sheet!    Student wrote words to describe Splat and then wrote a sentence with one or two words.  Click on the worksheet to get your own copy!

Comprehension: Character and Setting, Beginning, Middle and End
Phonics: -at word family (short a)
Vocabulary: worry, amazing, tomorrow, clever
Writing:  Splat was amazing, I am amazing too.  Writing about how they are amazing.

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