This is the House the Jack Built Freebie

The class is learning short a word families and we worked on the -ack family!  The funny part is I have three boys named: Jack, Jack and Jackson!  What a fun way to use their names in our readings!

I have been making sure that I read and reread the book to assist with comprehension.  This story is great for sequencing.  The first day I read the story and we glued the pictures in order.  The second day the students wrote down what the character or object did in the story.

Comprehension: Sequencing
Phonics: -ack word family
Vocabulary: worried, forlorn, tattered, crumpled
Writing:  Sequencing

It's amazing how the kids pick up unusual vocabulary.  We used the vocabulary throughout the week and even into the next week as they were making connections!  I stuck my foot in my mouth as I said, Oh my your shoes are looking a little tattered!"  She replied, "I bought these this way!"  Go figure!

Try this story out!  It was a lot of fun!  Click on the cover to pick up these freebies!

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