Author's Purpose

I just love the PIE idea that is floating around the blogs about Author's Purpose!  There are a lot of great freebies out there!  So I didn't need to invent my own plans this week!  What a time saver!  I love our sharing community!


I chose a book for each purpose to share with the kids this week.

Persuasion - Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

  • Did the author try to convince me?
  • Did the author want to change my opinion?

Information - There's No Place Like Space (Dr. Seuss book) by Tish Rabe
  • Did the author give me facts?
  • Did the author try to teach me something?

Entertainment - There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves
  • Did the author try to make me laugh?
  • Did the author want to tell me a story?
  • Did the author try to amuse me?

I plan to keep a chart on all the books we read for the next few weeks and mark down the author's purpose for all of them.  That should help sink in the concept!!


Little Critter Comprehension and Vocabulary Freebies

I have never used Little Critter books before in my teaching!  The kids are enjoying listening to them.

We focused on the book, The School Project by Mercer Mayer.

Comprehension: Beginning, Middle End
Phonics: -it (Little Critter)  This wasn't a big focus of my lesson.  I was working on vocabulary and comprehension.
Vocabulary: librarian, project, poster board
Writing: Just me and __________.  Students chose a person to write about.  They turned out very cute.  Kids love writing about their family!

Have a great week!  I'll be finishing my PALS testing!


Not Norman Differentiated Math Freebie

Not Norman by Kelly Bennett is a very cute book about a boy who gets a goldfish as a pet but he wished that he had a cuddly animal.  The boy spends time trying to figure out ways to get another pet.  In the end he ends up finding a love for his new pet, Norman!
Front Cover

Comprehension Skill: Story Mapping
Vocabulary: swap, twitches, glance

This week we were reading stories about pets!  This was a fun one to read aloud.  The kids could really connect to having a pet and many could connect to having a goldfish.  This is a great time to talk about taking care of the classroom pet.

After reading the story discuss as a class the story parts.  Who are the characters?  Norman and the boy.  The boy does not have a name in the book so let the kids make up a name.  Setting:  this story has many different settings.  Problem/Solution:  The boy didn't like his pet fish, Norman.  The boy then learned to love his pet.

After discussing it orally let the students fill out a flip booklet on Character/Setting/Problem/Solution.

For our intervention math groups the students did one of the following math activities for finding partners for the numbers 5-10.

Approaching - included a "Food Bowl" with answers.

On-level - answer box was removed.

Beyond - writing a number story was added to the bottom of each sheet.
Click on any of the pages to get the download for free.  If you like what you downloaded - leave a comment and join Bloglovin'!  Have a fantastic rest of the week!

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