Not Norman Differentiated Math Freebie

Not Norman by Kelly Bennett is a very cute book about a boy who gets a goldfish as a pet but he wished that he had a cuddly animal.  The boy spends time trying to figure out ways to get another pet.  In the end he ends up finding a love for his new pet, Norman!
Front Cover

Comprehension Skill: Story Mapping
Vocabulary: swap, twitches, glance

This week we were reading stories about pets!  This was a fun one to read aloud.  The kids could really connect to having a pet and many could connect to having a goldfish.  This is a great time to talk about taking care of the classroom pet.

After reading the story discuss as a class the story parts.  Who are the characters?  Norman and the boy.  The boy does not have a name in the book so let the kids make up a name.  Setting:  this story has many different settings.  Problem/Solution:  The boy didn't like his pet fish, Norman.  The boy then learned to love his pet.

After discussing it orally let the students fill out a flip booklet on Character/Setting/Problem/Solution.

For our intervention math groups the students did one of the following math activities for finding partners for the numbers 5-10.

Approaching - included a "Food Bowl" with answers.

On-level - answer box was removed.

Beyond - writing a number story was added to the bottom of each sheet.
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