Adding 10 More (and Multiples) Game Freebie

I know this game is late in coming for Dr. Seuss but I think the kids would still like it!  There are two levels. One is just basic facts (1.OA.1) and the other works on adding 10 (and multiples of 10) (1.NBT.2 and 1.NBT.5).  I used these during our intervention class.

Click either game to get it for free!  I would love to hear what activities you do during your math interventions!  Do you have any games or activities to share?  Leave a link!  

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  1. Thank you for these two great games! I have just begun doing guided math, so I am gathering materials. I do find it is wonderful to have math time with small groups of children. Maria

  2. Thank you for sharing your games. Perfect for another math station.
    Primary Paradise


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