Science Sleuths

This summer I was thrown into teaching Science Sleuths without a budget!!  Not so easy!  We're looking for some money.  In the meantime I'm digging in my pockets and begging from others!

I asked the class (mostly boys) what they wanted to learn about this summer!  Overwhelmingly  I heard bugs and slimy things!  How great that we started the week off with a worm unit.  I got a lot of cheers.

The funniest part was that about 4 boys wouldn't touch the worms - including my own son!  All the girls loved it!  Not what I expected!  I guess you just never know.

We filled out a K W L and they had a lot of great questions!  They were curious about tails and mouths. Even how they mated!  Did you know that worms are both male and female!! We started with observing the worms with magnifying glasses, watching how they moved and all the segments.

After observing they drew their worms and measured the worms in inches and centimeters!  Some of the worms did not like being stretched out!  It gave a few of the kids the heebie jeebies!  Longest worm was 8.5 inches!


This is a great book full of information!

Tomorrow we finish the worm habitat!

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