Color Science

The kids showed a look of awe in their faces today! 

I showed them this and asked what marker did I use to make it?

They listed all the colors they see.  (Blue, Yellow, Purple)
 When I told them I only used one marker they said that couldn't be true!
Then I showed them a black marker!
What?!?  Are you kidding?
Use a watercolor marker to make a large dot in the middle of a coffee filter.  We used Mr. Sketch smelly markers.

Fold the filter 3 times.
Put the tip into a cup of warm water and watch the colors bleed out of the black.  The kids were absolutely amazed!

We had spent time discussing primary colors and how when blended together they make different colors.  During our plant activities, a few days earlier we had blended food coloring together to demonstrate this and then added celery stems to the glasses and let the colors rise into the leaves.    So this is was a great correlation.   I also put up a color poster to demonstrate these mixtures.
On another coffee filter we colored the three primary colors in big circles.  I told them it looked like a face

Again fold the filter equally 3 times.  Place the tip into a cup of warm water.

The students could see how the colors blended together.  They all looked a bit different.
The next day after they dried we made them into butterflies.

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