Back-to-School Fright from the Black Lagoon

Do you love the Teacher from the Black Lagoon books?
I do and so do my students.

I started reading the chapter books that Mike Thaler wrote.  These are short books and won't take too long to read.  I read multiple chapters at a time.
I'm going to read Back-to-School Fright the first week of school this year.

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It's such a funny story about Herbie who really doesn't want to come back to school.  I bet a few kids can make some great connections to this book so I've included a worksheet for them to write about it.
Check out the other pages for this Literature Companion.  Click on the worksheet.
Included are pages for vocabulary, writing, text connections, idioms, story elements and reading responses.  I hope it's helpful to the beginning of your year.
Have a great start to your year.  I get to get into my classroom for the first time this summer on Monday!  Wish me luck!

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