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I was reading the book aloud Gooney Bird is So Absurd! by Lois Lowry.
These books have been a new treasure to me this year.  My colleague introduced them to me and I have fallen in love with them and so has the class.

This book is set in the month of January so I thought it would be great to read in January however, you can read it in any month.  January doesn't play a large part of the book!

However, poetry does!!!  

The kids became inspired to start writing their own poetry!  We started with a haiku!  These are challenging but they stepped up to the plate and wrote fantastic winter poems.  They typed them up in Google classroom.  I printed and laminated them and now they hang on their lockers. 
They were sad they couldn't take them home so I made booklets of the class poems and sent them home!  They were so excited to have a book of them.

This week we are writing a List Poem about our family!
I'm going to reread Malcolm's poem from the book and then use the anchor chart below to model writing a list poem about my family.

I've listed the family items I'm going to use and then come up with adjectives or adjective phrases with them to complete the poem.

I'm going to give them this template to help them write theirs.
To pick up your copy click on the template.

Enjoy using and follow me on Bloglovin'

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