WALK Comprehension Activity

Let's take a WALK!
This lesson was used as a prediction to a book.  I adapted it to fit the week of reading.
Day 1: W - Words (vocabulary)  I wrote the words for the week as we went through the story.  We also discussed syllables and word parts such as suffixes.
 Day 2: A - Author's Purpose I wrote the 3 ways of an author's purpose as a reminder. I will not write this every week.  The students then discussed with their partner and then with the whole class the purpose.  I then wrote it down.

Day 3: L - Links to the story  We have been working on the three links that readers make.  Text to Self, Text to World and Text to Text.  Text to World is difficult for them to make.  This will be more of a focus in upcoming lessons.
 Day 4: K - What we Know Students listed the items that they learned from the story.  Our stories this week were about geese.  They really enjoyed the nonfiction and the realistic fiction stories.  We combined both stories onto this one chart.
This has worked so great for the week that I am carrying it over to my guided reading groups.  Using smaller chart paper I have made a WALK chart for each book we are reading.  This chart is for a group that is reading a Level H book. Life on a Coral Reef by Scholastic.  Our school purchased nonfiction, fiction and content books of the entire set A through Z!!  I have so many options!  http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/guidedreading/
 We will be finishing this book next week and then comparing Life in the Jungle with the coral reef!!  Wow - look at all the connections!

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