Toothpick Tower Challenge! Freebie Recording Sheets

Added some engineering to our day!  What fun they had and it was great listening in on their reasoning on how to build the tallest tower in the class!

Each partnership was given a packet to follow to complete the challenge.
We started by watching a few youtube videos.

These are not in the download.

The students got out their Chrome books and followed the links I provided them on the Classroom drive.  This made sure they were not browsing and finding something inappropriate.

They wrote and drew their plan! Super duper thinking going on here!!

Time to get our supplies and start building!

Decided on 2 toothpicks to give it strength!

 Tallest tower made by Penny, Varnell and Elijah!!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!  Have fun building your towers!

Click Here to download your freebie!

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