We've Got Gas

I just love watching kids explore the property of gas!  They had so much fun!!

Day 1 
We started by watching this wonderful video about solids, liquids and gases! 

We didn't have the glycerin to make the bubble solution and it worked out great!
They made the bubbles on the tables and bubbles within bubbles and the most fun was holding the bubbles in their hands.
Day 2 We made colored bubbles with food coloring and blew bubbles on white butcher paper.  We were trying to see who could blow the biggest bubble before it popped.  You could even measure the size of each bubble.

Day 3 The students made lava lamps.  Using an empty water bottle fill it 1/3 full of water, the rest is oil and food coloring.  I added 10 drops of food coloring.  We tried to make purple but it was just too dark to really see the bubbles.  The green and red worked the best.  

When they are ready you give them an alka seltzer to put in the bottle and then cap it.  They will see the gas bubbles rise to the top.  I always send them home with an extra alka seltzer to try it at home.

Day 4 Paint Bag Explosions
We put vinegar in ziplock bags with paint.  I also tried some with food coloring.  I liked the paint better.  In a small paper towel I put baking soda and folded them into a little packet.  Outside we put the bags on poster board and added the baking soda packet and sealed the bags.  I had to help with a lot of those because they couldn't close them.

Day 5 Balloon Rockets

Blow up a balloon and hold it closed.  Tape a cut piece of straw to the balloon without letting go.  Have a partner help thread a string through the straw and tape the two ends of the string to places in the room.  Put the balloon at the beginning and let go.  The force of the air (gas) will move the balloon.  The 2nd time they do it they blow it up while connected to the string.

It was a busy and fulfilling week.  They learned a lot and had fun at the same time!  The next week we moved onto sinking and floating.  Gas played a part of this unit too!

Have fun trying these out!

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