Character Day

We started talking about Character Traits a few weeks before our big Character Day.

We read the book Seaver the Weaver by Paul Czajak.

Seaver is an orb spider with a sky full of inspiration. His siblings prefer tradition and aren’t afraid to let him know. But Seaver doesn’t mind! He loves his new shapes and isn’t afraid to show them off.

Seaver the Weaver by [Czajak, Paul]

We stopped many times while reading this books to discuss the vocabulary.  
amazed, inspired, admiration, unique, proud

The students absolutely loved this book.  I read it twice.  The next day I read Inside the Spider's Web by Natalie Lunis.  The pictures are absolutely amazing.  We read this book because it is about orb webs which is the kind of spider Seaver is.  We discussed the differences between fiction and nonfiction.  We also discussed the text feature of labels.

Going back to characters we read Crankenstein by Samantha Berger.  Boy could the class relate to having grumpy moments.
Crankenstein by [Berger, Samantha]

On Monday students dressed up as their favorite book characters.  It was a lot of fun!

I was Fern from Charlotte's Web. We illustrated our character and added what the character thinks, says, likes, doing and going.  They color only in crayon and add details of the setting behind it.

We had Splat the Cat, Bad Kitty, Amelia Bedelia, Ash, Pigeon, Wonder Woman, Gerald, Cat in the Hat and more!

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