Make Your Own Tabletop Easel

I've been wanting a tabletop easel this year for my guided reading table!  So I set out to find one!  There are so many to choose from but they all come with a price of $30 or more!!  With Christmas coming I just don't have that kind of cash!


I made my own and I am quite pleased with it!  I got to thinking - all those things are made of is cardboard and pocket charts!  So with my $3 pocket charts from Target this summer I set to work! Plus the color fits the theme of my room!
 Materials:  One large box, wipe off board, 2 pocket charts, duct tape and glue gun (not pictured). I thought I would use the clear transparencies but I didn't.
Cut the long side and end off the box in one large piece. Keep them end and side together and then you have one of the folds done for you.  Using your pocket chart measure how tall you need it before bending the cardboard.  You may need to cut down your pocket chart.  Tape the end together by placing half the width of tape on each end.

Start by hot gluing the bottom of the pocket chart at the bottom of one side.  Work your way up by hot gluing everywhere the pocket chart has a stitch seam.  This made it stay in place when I taped the sides.
Put duct tape around all the edges.  My pocket chart was just a tad bigger than the box.  I just wrapped that little bit to the back.  When I got to the top I had to cut the pocket chart a bit to get it to fold nicely.  Wish I would have take pictures along the way. The first pocket chart I glued the top down to the other side.  
Start gluing the second pocket chart to the other side just like the first one.  When you get to the top you will need to cut off the excess pocket chart.  I left the clear plastic on. To tape the edges down I snipped the plastic at the sides.
I could have glued it down better but after I burnt myself...that wasn't going to happen!
But once the wipe board was in you couldn't really see it.
You can see how the plastic is higher than the easel.  For now I'm going to leave it that way.  
If it doesn't work I'll trim it down.
 You can remove the wipe off boards when you're not using them if you need more pockets.
You can store things inside.  I'll be putting my pen container in there.

Pin this idea for later if you don't have time to make it right now.  You will be glad you did!  It will save you a ton of money.

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