April Fools' Day from the Black Lagoon Literature Companion and Freebie

There is nothing better than having a special bonding moment with the whole class! 
Kids love word searches so I made them a special one just for them!

We will be on spring break during April Fools' Day so I had a little fun early!
This special word search doesn't have any answers!

Look at this serious thinking!
Soon there were shout outs, "I found fool - oops no I didn't" "I found..." "I found..."
"This is hard!"

I let this go on for a few minutes and then asked them, "Did you find the words, got you?".  
It was so funny. They started looking for the words and shouted when they found them.

Then it quickly dawned on them and I shouted, "April Fools'"

Hey You!!! You tricked us!!!

This is a fun book to read aloud. Hubie finds himself in another dilemma!  What prank should he pull on his friends? He gets all worked up over this and even has a bad dream.  Read this funny story and find out what Hubie decided to do.

This super fun mini-unit is only $3!  
You can also find other Literature Companions to help you with your lessons! 
Be on the look out for Earth Day and Field Day!
I can't believe we are coming into the last stretch of the school year!

Pick up this freebie to start off some fun!!

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