US Postcard Exchange Sign Up

I signed up for a postcard exchange and didn't hear anything back from them so... here is my own!

If you're interested click on the picture above to link to the google sheets.  Add your information. 
I am accepting three teachers per state.  If all three are taken you can add your name and email to the 4th tab the waiting list.

Where can I get postcards?
  • I got mine for our state tourism.
  • Check local stores (mom and pop shops) usually cheaper.
  • $1.00 each
  • Use blank postcards and have the kids draw (Staples)
  • Vistaprint (250 for $26.24)

While waiting for all the addresses you can start writing out your postcards.  You can have you or the kids write them.  I like to write a group note and then I type the message onto 2x4 labels.   Please try to send a postcard that shares something about your state, a fun fact or even a joke!

I look forward to doing this project with you!

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