Literature Foundations: Ada Twist Scientist

This is a great story to start your science off for the year.  Students can be inspired with Ada and her passion for finding answers.  

Students go outside and make observations and ask themselves questions. 
Why do ants live together?
How are clouds made?
What are the bumps under the leaf?

Now let's find the answer!
Learn to research ideas in books, online or even interviews!

Literature Foundations was developed out of the need to incorporate the love of literature and teach fundamental skills at the same time.  I have coordinated these skills to the Common Core State Standards.

Share a fiction title with your students for 3 days along with a nonfiction close reading article. The reading portion of this program is set up to take 20-30 minutes a day.  This allows you to incorporate guided reading groups into your day.  Guided reading is where your students will get independent practice reading books at their level. 

The writing portion should be given additional time.  Aim to have 30-45 minutes of writing a day.

This lesson plan is full of great activities to use with your class.  You will utilize fiction and nonfiction while addressing comprehension skills along with writing and grammar.

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