All About Me Freebie

My blog has kind of taken a back seat for the last year!  I guess I've been livin' life and have been busy - busy - busy!  Five kids can do that to you!

On top of life - I was handed a ball curve! Kindergarten!!!  I'm certified for 1-8 however, Wisconsin DPI has made some new rules such as lifetime license and allowing your administrator to place you in a grade you're not certified for with professional development for three years!  Here's to my next crazy three years!

This is an All About Me page that I have used for 19+ years when I taught first and second grade.  Each student makes one.  Mount it on construction paper and laminate.  I love looking at the previous years and so do the students.  Especially, when I have siblings.  Pick it up for FREE. Click the picture.

Well, I still want to do this with my kinders but this would be too hard, so....

Here is my version for kindergarten!
Click the picture to grab it for FREE!

I'm looking forward to starting this year with my kinders! 
Any suggestions for me!?  I'll take it!

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