DIY Puppet Theater

DIY Puppet Theater!

Are you working on retelling stories!  We are...

What better way than to let the kids use puppets to share their retelling!

This took me about 1.5 hours to complete (on a Saturday of course!)

Start by find a shelf that you can use.  I dug through "extra" furniture room!  I found one that had a short and tall side.  I liked that part of it was shorter so the kids would be able to reach it. I took it outside and painted the back with chalkboard paint!  I anticipate them adding the name of the show or the book they are retelling.

I purchased a trifold display from the Dollar Tree - Love that place!

I used the white side to face the audience.  
With a ruler I measured out a square and used a blade to cut it out.

Next I used black duct tape that I also purchased from the Dollar Tree.
I bought three roles.

I taped around the square opening so they won't scrape their hands on it. Then extend the tape lines to the top.

Using the width of the tape rolls I spaced out the lines.

All done with this part!

I decided to add fabric for a curtain but you wouldn't need to.
I stapled it across the top but the staples didn't lay completely flat so I add some duct tape over the top!  

You could just set this on a table or on the floor but I'm sure it will get knocked over.
Even with the way I did it I'm not sure it will last too long!  Good thing I only spent $4.

I forgot to take a picture of the other side.  I bent back a portion of the cardboard so I could tape it to the shelf.  I also taped all along the bottom.  The other side is not very sturdy since there is nothing to tape it to.  That's where I have some concern.  Any ideas!?

Happy Puppeteering!

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