US Postcard Exchange Sign Up

I signed up for a postcard exchange and didn't hear anything back from them so... here is my own!

If you're interested click on the picture above to link to the google sheets.  Add your information. 
I am accepting three teachers per state.  If all three are taken you can add your name and email to the 4th tab the waiting list.

Where can I get postcards?
  • I got mine for our state tourism.
  • Check local stores (mom and pop shops) usually cheaper.
  • $1.00 each
  • Use blank postcards and have the kids draw (Staples)
  • Vistaprint (250 for $26.24)

While waiting for all the addresses you can start writing out your postcards.  You can have you or the kids write them.  I like to write a group note and then I type the message onto 2x4 labels.   Please try to send a postcard that shares something about your state, a fun fact or even a joke!

I look forward to doing this project with you!


5 Ways to Talk Like a Pirate

Start by ordering some goodies to make the day extra fun!
I got mine from Amazon this year however I've also ordered from Oriental Trading in the past.

Photo Editing Apps

What super fun!  I used Make Me a Pirate! App

If you don't have access to a photo app you could always use these blank faces and let the kids add their faces.  Have them write a pirate story!  Pick these up for free!

If you have a subscription to Reading A-Z you can download a reader for Blackbeard the Pirate.  This site provides lesson plans and worksheets too!!
There are other pirate options but some are at a much higher level. 



Literature Foundations: Interrupting Chicken

I just happened across this book and it's so cute!  Little Red Chicken is always interrupting his Papa when Papa's telling a story because he doesn't like the path the story is taking.

I'm going to read this with the class next week and discuss how frustrating it can be when we are interrupted. Hopefully it will inspire a bit of respect for listening.

We will also be working on collective nouns, beginning, middle and end, and writing fairy tales.  We are also going to read a close reading article on fairy tales.

I'm excited about this unit because I am working on having a small amount of time devoted to whole group reading and spend more time in guided reading.  These reading lessons will take 20-30 minutes each day.  I will be able to address fiction and nonfiction each week, read aloud to demonstrate fluency and dive deep into the nonfiction passage!  I'm hoping to continue this method throughout the year with a different book each week!


Back-To-School From the Black Lagoon!

I just love these little chapter books.  They can be quick reads that you finish in one day or two or you can stretch them out and really dive into all the figurative language.

My classes in the past can't wait for me to start reading another one!  The librarian showed them where they are so they can check out ones for themselves.  There is no way I can read them all. There are so many titles to choose from. He has 34 chapter books and that's not counting the picture books.

I start the year with Back-to-School From the Black Lagoon.

Click the picture to grab your own copy.  Easy to copy and not a lot of prep work! 

Try some of his other books through out the year!  He has many that go with the seasons!

I'm working on a unit for his Christmas books but if you like Horrible Harry check this out! Click here for blog post.

I wish you all the best in your first days at school!


Parent Summer Resources Freebie

Time for the kiddos to leave.  Let's leave our parents with some resources to make it through the summer!  As a parent of five I know how long these 3 months can be!  Sometimes I can handle a whole class of kids better than my own five!

So I send my parents an email with these resources.  

Make a summer bucket list!
Plus many different links for parents to try out!

Let's be honest we know they are going to electronics ~ let's try to pick the sources.

Here are some other things that may interest you!



The Field Day from the Black Lagoon

My class can't wait for Field Day!  They love the water balloon fights and the tug-o-war!  It's a great day as long as the weather is nice!  No fun on a cloudy day!

This week I started reading The Field Day from the Black Lagoon!  They cheered when I brought it out.  "What is Hubie up to now!"  These books are quick reads and full of fun play on words!
They get a booklet with vocabulary, comprehension and writing activities to do along with the story.  They even get to design their own obstacle course!

At the end of the week we will read about Olympic History compared to now and answer questions on key details, vocabulary, author's purpose and make connections!  They love highlighting!

Do you have a field day?  What events do you have?

Another cool thing is that our PTO provides each child with a free t-shirt that is designed by a student.

Flash Giveaway!!!!!

I had started a TpT Gift Card Giveaway before I realized there was going to be a TpT Sale!
So Let's Have 2 Giveaways!!

Click letter to go to my FB and enter!

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Good Luck to you all!!


Writing Biographies - Part 4 Publishing

Part 4

The students have been working hard reading and researching about their person of choice!  They are learning so much and so excited!

One little girl ran up to me and said, "Did you know that Clara Barton was born on Christmas Day! I need to put this on the timeline!"


It's important to model how to write complete sentences from their recording sheets.  If you do not take time to do this students will copy word for word from their recording sheets.  This will mean they will either copy it from the book or write an incomplete sentence.

This student researched Dr. Seuss.  She has some spelling issues but she has been finding some great facts.

After she filled out the recording sheets she chose what kind of paper she wanted to use to write her report.  I offer the children many different types of paper.

Each paper choice has a spot for a heading.  These headings get transferred to the Table of Contents!

 Students love filling out the About the Author page!

Students look at a photo or drawing of their person and they draw on the cover with pencil.  After they are done they trace the drawing with Sharpie.  This helps bring out the details and helps when they color.

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