Promethean Board

Wow am I exhausted.  I just spent the entire weekend at a class for the Promethean Board.  I've learned so much!  I can't wait to use the lessons I made with my class tomorrow!!  I hope I can post lessons for you to see.  I'll have to give it a try when I have more energy.

Persuasive Writing

Hey little ant [Book]The last couple weeks we've worked on persuasion.  We ended the unit with me reading aloud Hey, Little Ant by Phillip M. Hoose.  The story ends with the boys foot above the ant and the author asks.  Would you or would you not squish the ant!

As a group we charted ideas from the perspective of the boy and of the ant.  The next day the students used a sentence starter. I think the boy should (not) squish the ant because...  They then could add in their own personal reasons why or why not to persuade the other group.

The following day I took the students through a website on how to draw and ant. I displayed it on the interactive whiteboard and could make the images big enough for them all to see.  They first drew in pencil, trace with Sharpie and then shaded with crayons or colored pencils.  They turned out so cute.  We then added a big foot.  They either put it above the ant because they don't want to squish it or on the ant!!
Click on the ant to go to the drawing website.

There final persuasive sentence was glued underneath the project.  They were so proud of them.  We hung them on their lockers.


President's Day Activity

I made a Lincoln hat and took a photo with each child.  When I was uploading in Picassa I noticed a link to Picnik.  I was able to take the photo and add a beard!!  They are adorable!  These will be added to their writing "If I were president..."  I can't wait to show them the photos!!

Just a little advice - when making the hat, make the tube a little bigger than the head because when you add the rim it gets a bit smaller.

President's Day Activity

Today I took pictures of the kids wearing a black top hat like Abe Lincoln.  I just rolled two large pieces construction paper together and stapled them together.  The rim was also made of black paper.  I'm going to uploaded photos tomorrow. 

In the computer lab the students used Word to write a short story, If I were president...  The technology skill we worked on was changing font style and size.  They did a really nice job.  Next week we will finish them up and add their photo to the project.  We will mount them on red or blue construction paper and hang them in the hallway for all to read and see.

Dental Health

Last week we started an experiement about cavities.  We took two apples.  One we poked holes into with a pencil.  The other was our control and we left it whole.  We then put it in our closet.  We checked it every day to see what was happening to the apple.  Of course it started getting brown.  Today we checked the apple after it was in there all weekend.  We forgot to check it yesterday because of the valentine's day party.  Needless to say it was looking pretty rotten!  It sure made a point that you shouldn't forget to brush your teeth!  They then drew pictures of both apples and then wrote about what happened to the apple and how we should take care of their teeth.

Wild Day

The kiddos walked into school with a bit of spring fever and Valentine excitement!  It lasted all day.  Our day ended with a teacher meeting about all the things Governor Walker wants to take away from state employees.  He wants us to pay into our retirement and insurance, take away our bargaining power and the union!  It sure puts a damper on your spirits.  So tonight I will spend time working on writing letters to our legislators and making sure I vote tomorrow!  Not the way I want to spend my night.

100 Year Old Portraits

I love how he made the man bald in the middle! 

They are so cute!

They were very creative in their writing.  We used an
older looking font.

The Napping House Mural

aThe students interactively wrote sentences about the characters and what they were doing.  They cut out character print outs that I found on .
They loved working on this project.


Reading with my two year old!

I just love that my kids love to read as much as I do.  Tonight my two littles one kept bringing us books to read, Abby my 8 year old was reading Diary of Wimpy Kid instead of visiting with her grandpa who sat right next to her, Josh who is 9 couldn't wait to go to bed so he can continue reading the fourth Harry Potter book and Tia my 10 year old was still up reading way past her bedtime!!  I'm so proud of them!   My favorite books right now are written by Barbara Freethey.  She is great at weaving mystery and romance - you just can't put it down!

Inside Recess

Today it was too cold for recess so they were inside and most likely Wed and Thur they'll be inside too!  They were so wound up!  Anyone do anything fun or interesting for inside recess?  This is one of my favorite writing sites for six traits.  I ordered the book that they sell for the primary level and wow what a lot of great and easy to use ideas! 

Meet the Teacher

Fellow bloggers and teachers are linking together with a blog of Meet the Teacher.  Click below to meet over 140 teachers!

~Meet the Teacher~
I'm 40 years old and married to an almost 40 year old!  We're both heading downhill!  Just kidding!  My kids keep me lively!  We have adopted all of our 5 children.  Yes, five!  It's addicting!  The kids want another to make the famiy count even but I'm not up to that anymore ~ I did mention I'm 40!  We have 2 girls and 3 boys.  Ages 10, 9, 8, 5, and 2!!
I've been teaching for 18 years.  I've taught K-8 in special education and I've taught second and first grade in general education!  I love teaching and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my classroom.  I've been teaching for local colleges and it's a new found love.
Now for the Q & A

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t a teacher?
I would love to write books for teachers.  I've tried it a little in my free time but I need more time to devote to it.
Q:  What are your hobbies?
I love to read, watch movies and scrapbook

Q:  When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always played school so probably a teacher.  I thought about being a pediatrician but didn't want to deal with sick kids (so why did I become a teacher!)

Q:  What are your guilty pleasures?
Chips and Dip or Salsa, Watching Law and Order nonstop and sleeping in!

Q: What is your biggest fear?
My parents not being around anymore. 

Q: When you're on vacation, where do you like to go?
I'm not really that picky as long as I can enjoy it with my family.

Q:  What's the best advice you've ever got?
When my husband and I were going through fertility problems, our pastor told us that God has big plans for us!  That was true!

Q:  What do you value most in others?
Love that is freely given!

Q:  If you could choose one of your personality traits to pass down to your kids, what would it be?
Work ethics!

Q:  If you could have lunch with anyone in the or dead... who would it be?
I would love to eat one last time with my grandma!  She sure knew how to make me laugh and feel loved!

Now tell us one random thing about yourself.
I've sold Tupperware, Creative Memories and Home and Garden.  I think I like the discount!

Now it's your turn to add your information to the Linky!  Try to visit at least 3 other teacher's sites.
Check out the snow outside my classroom window! 
I guess there was reason we didn't have school for two days!

100 Year Old Portraits

The students made a self portrait of themself when they were 100 years old.  They made the face with Sharpie Marker and then crumpled the circle to look wrinkly.  They are working on short stories about being 100 years old and those will be glued next to the portrait.  Sorry the photo is the wrong direction.  Having some technical difficulty.

The Napping House Mural

The kids loved painting a mural of The Napping House.  They painted the two kinds of weather that was in the story with the house in between.  After it dries we will be adding characters and sentence strips about the character and what they are doing.

Snow Day #2

My kids were very excited to have snow day #2.  They went outside to play again but only for about 10 minutes.  With the windchill it is -8. 

My First Blog

What an exciting new adventure!  I'm starting this blog to share my love of teaching with others!  I love my little first graders!  Today is a snow day and we've already been told that we will not have school tomorrow too!  I've never had this happen in my 17 years of teaching!!  What a week to miss though!  Groundhog's day was canceled in Milwaukee so we're looking at Punxsutawny!  An Early Spring!!  Thursday is 100 days of school so we'll have to adjust our schedule!  I'm sure the kids loved being home in 3+ feet of snow!!  We will be doing a graphing activity on what they did on their days off!
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