10 Things I've Learned From Teaching

Jennifer at Rowdy in First is hosting a "Ten Things I've Learned from Teaching" link party.

This is my 18th year of teaching!  I've learned a lot but don't even know where to start!
1.  Make a point to say hello to every student and make it personal!

2.  Be nice to the janitors, secretaries and cooks - they are your lifelines in many ways!

3.  Keep learning all you can. 

4.  Garage sales and second hand shops are a teacher's wonderland!

5.  Bulletin Boards do not need to change every month to be effective in the classroom.

6.  I live in Wisconsin so it's important to wear a warm winter coat, gloves, scarf and earmuffs.  Even in March!!  Cold and windy this week!

7.  Marry a supportive husband who doesn't mind that you're always doing school work.

8.  Don't use the whole summer doing school work - get out and relax a lot!  It will be soon enough and you'll be back in the classroom wishing for a vacation.

9.  Laugh in the classroom.  Kids have a great sense of humor!  Today we were writing stories based on the story A Bad Case of Stripes.  Each student had to write their own disease story.  One of my funny little boys wrote:  A Bad Case of Scott Walker!!  I can't wait to see his finished paper.  I think I'll need to send it to the Governor.

10.  Your team are your best friends!  Work well with them and your day will be more successful!

I enjoy teaching every day and I can't even imagine doing something else for a living!

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