Diary of a Worm

I am so excited I found out how to change a word document to a jpeg!  These are pages to my worm unit that is available on TpT.  Click on the worm to check it out!  I'm bringing in my worms for Friday.  I can't wait. They love exploring with the worms.


  1. I have a Mac, so I just take a screen shot of my pages by pressing shift, command & 4 at the same time , dragging my arrows around the object I want to snap a picture of and releasing the mouse. I have no idea how to take a picture on a PC, but you could definitely Google it. It would be way easier to find than for a Mac, because so many more people use PCs. Good luck!

  2. I did Google and the PC is very similiar. I never knew we could do that! Thank you so much! Lori


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