Earth Day Shirts

Today we started making our Earth Day shirts!!  Each child brings in a white t-shirt. 

Fabric Paint in large bottles - green and brown
Fabric Paint in small bottles with points - various colors
Bug rubber stamps
Sponge Paint brushes
"kitchen" sponges (those yellow ones)

First you paint their hand and arm in brown with the sponge paint brush.  You need the student to hold up their hand facing you so you paint the arm in the correct spot.  If they lay the arm flat while you paint you paint the wrong part of the arm.

Then have the student spread out their fingers.  Put the hand down first and then help them put the arm down straight like a trunk of a tree.

Take "kitchen" sponges and cut them into various size triangles so they can use green paint to make the grass and leaves.

Today we finished the tree trunk and leaves and grass.  Tomorrow we will add bugs, a slogan and the year.  We will wear them on Earth Day to clean up the school grounds.
Stay tuned for Day 2 directions!


  1. I LOVE!!! and will be on the look out for Day Two!

    Primary Graffiti

  2. This is great! Do your students provide the shirts? Any tips for a cost effective version? I teach at a Title One school and my kids (or myself for that matter) don't have the $$ to support the project...:(

  3. The students do provide the shirts but I had two students who bought shirts from Walgreens. On my day 2 posting they were the ones with the blue collars and they were $1.00. Maybe they would be able to provide the $1.00 and you go and buy them? Oriental trading has cheap hats that you could do something different on. You can use acrylic paint from the art room if that is available. That is also permanent. The paint goes quite a ways if you use the sponges. Maybe your PTO could support it. There's a website called Donors choose and you can post projects that you would like to get funded. Good luck - I hope it can work out for you!

  4. Thank you! Those are great ideas, if I start planning now I could probably make it happen for next year :)


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