Outfitted and Inspired

Outfitted and inspired is hosting a Linky party for great finds that you find at the dollar store!

I just spent a $40 on Thursday!  I don't have pictures though!

I bought the bunny shakers that Crazy for First Grade posted.  They are so cute.  I can't wait to use them. She posted free worksheets to download. Click on the bunnies to go there.

I got Peeps for the activity I'm doing with The Old Lady that Swallowed a chick.  I posted previously about this lesson.

I also made a hauling on some things I need for VBS.  I'm the coordinator and we're doing Pandamonium.  It's setting is in China so I got paper lanterns with LED lights.  I was so excited.

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  1. I wish I could see all the things you bought!! Thanks for linking up :)



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