Frog and Toad Literacy Take Home Bag

Meet my Frog and Toad Take Home Bag!  I got this adorable stuffed frog bag from Discovery Toys a couple years ago.  I honestly don't know if they sell them anymore!  I put a Frog and Toad Treasury book that contains 4 of the books and Owl at Home which is also written by Arnold Lobel.  I have a stuffed frog and toad for the students to read with, have an adventure with and be friends!  There's a journal for them to write down their adventures and a Checkers game with Long and Short O sounds.    I'm selling the printouts on TpT.  There is also a couple of other worksheets I use during the week that we work on this unit.

Have a great Week! 

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  1. Cute frog backpack to hold the contents of your Frog Themed Literacy Bag!


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