My Classroom

I was able to take a few pictures of my classroom today.  Didn't get the whole room - recess is only just so long!!  :)
This is my back counter where the students store their book boxes.  I bought these from Really Good Stuff.  I just love that magazine!  My word wall is behind it.
These are my mailboxes for all their notes, homework and corrected work.  It works out really well.  Students bring their take home folders every day and empty them into the "Done" Basket and then put the folder into the big basket on top because they don't fit in the mailboxes.  Our folders are called "B.E.E. Folders"  Bring Everything Everyday.  It really works out well.

Here's my reading corner.  The first book cart is full of leveled readers that the students can choose to put in their book boxes and take home to read.  The second shelf has theme boxes. 

Sorry this is sideways!  This is our Family Tree.  Students bring in family photos and they stay up all year for them to look at when they get loenly.  We also add to it as new siblings are born.  The kids love it!

This is my CAFE board.  I used fabric as the background for most of my boards.  I don't have to change them every year becasue it doesn't fade!

Here is my writing bulletin board for Six Traits.  I found this idea on the web somewhere but I don't remember where.  Each can has the trait.  Each paintbrush has a skill that we've done within the trait.  We have the songs listed above the trait.  The bottom papers are ideas for them to write about when doing Work on Writing.

I use this for my different writing papers and supplies.  It works great!

This is a big box of big books.  It was amazing how many big books I wasn't using anymore to teach with and they were just sitting there.  I know it's scary to let them use the books for fear of them getting ruined but it's better than collecting dust.  The kids love them when they do Read to Someone.  They use the pointers.

Here's another sideways photo!!  This is my star student board.  They are Top Bananas to go with my Jungle theme.  On Monday they bring show and tell that they bring in a stuffed cheetah backpack along with photos.  Tuesday they bring their favorite book.  Wednesday they bring a letter to school that was written by their parents telling the class about their child.  Thursday the student has someone come and eat with them and Friday they get an autographed book from their friends.  I schedule their week during the week of their birthday.  It makes it very special.  For summer birthdays, I fit them in on open weeks.

Have a great week!!  I'm off to do report cards!

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  1. Your classroom is so nice!
    Thank you for buying my book and for the kind words.


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