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I met Annemarie at a first grade conference a couple of years ago and she has a website that has a wealth of information.  Periodically she will send you an email if you sign up.  Her latest post was about Word Family Cards.  She has them for free.  I was looking for something like this last year with a child who just could not rhyme.

I put our high frequency words on cards just like this to practice.  The students keep them in their book boxes.  The students read the list before they start read to self or read to someone and I have a parent volunteer listen to them.  It helps a lot.  Next year I will add these.

Click on the photo to go to the link!
Word Family Cards
I can't afford all these rings. Anyone have another suggestion?


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Do you need to add new cards as they learn them or are you simply assembling them before they get them? If it's the latter, you could use plastic cable ties. They are pretty cheap for a whole bag of them. Just don't pull them all the way through.

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  3. Instead of buying extra rings, I started using pipe cleaners. They don't always slide around as easily, but they're a lot cheaper than the rings.

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  4. how do I get to AnnMarie's page or blog?


  5. Chicken rings are cheaper and do the same job. I think you can get 150 or so for about $5.00. You can also use keyrings or twistie ties from the old-style plastic baggies.

  6. We do sight words, since we are resource we have to have 36 sets 1-3rd, we send a set home, and of course we never get them back, we went with yarn, cheap easy and it works with our sight words!

  7. Thanks for sharing this idea - what is her website??

  8. Click on the photo of the cards to get to the link! Sorry that wasn't clear!

  9. I have used large paperclips instead of rings in the past. Just put the paper clip through the hole. It works great!

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  10. What about yarn? Ok now I have to Google chicken rings. The name alone has me laughing. Sorry.

  11. I use the chicken rings. They don't hold as much as the larger silver rings but they are great for note cards, etc. They come in several different colors. I think they have them through Crystal Springs Books. One of our local teacher stores carries them.


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