Hunting for Helpers

This is my Donation Door.  Every year I put items on laminated pictures for the parents to choose from.  They then provide the item and return the picture card so I can use it next year.  Click here to get the Donation Labels I used this year.  I used MTF Sweet Cheeks font.  Because I gave this to you as a document and not a pdf the font changed to verdana.  You'll have to make it work for you.  The categories may not work for you so change them to fit your needs.  I even asked for a couch!  I've never asked for anything like this.  I hope I get one!!

I used Letter Delights to make my title and the pictures.

Cutting around the animals would have been cute but way too much work!

Each student brings their own headphones to use in class and in the computer lab.  This helps with sanitation.  Storing them gets messy tangled!  I got these cute green and pink baskets from The Dollar Tree.  Now that I'm looking at the labels I'm not sure I did them right.  Should it be Girl's, Girl, Girls' or Headphone for Girls??  Let me know what you think? 

Here's the labels as is.  Click here.

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  1. from one lori to another : girls' headphones. boys' headphones. (possessive plural) the baskets are a fun way to keep them untangled. great idea.


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