My Jungle Room

Wow am I tired!  I worked at trying to finish my classroom before inservice on Monday, I got a lot done but I'm not finished. 

Here are some updated photos.

View from the door.  I still have some organizing to do but it's getting better.

This view is from standing in the corner by my desk.  I usually have my desks in a U shape but I saw on someone's blog use an F shape.  I'm still waiting for more desks.  I will have an extra desk in the inside corner.

Word Work Manipulatives

In this corner will be the extra desk.  I will keep their book boxes on top with a community pencil etc. holder.  In the inside of the desk we are going to store their math tool kits.
This is my vine jungle!  I used green bulletin board paper and twisted it.  We made all the vines this summer for my VBS program that I'm in charge of.  Then I just transfered it to my room!  Good deal for me!

Got these cute stuffed monkeys at The Dollar Tree.  I had a hard time getting them away from my 3 year old!  They have one piece of velco so their arms can attach.  The monkey and the barrel in the back are the color coding for my groups.
The Cheetah is a backpack I use for the Top Banana Week!  I should give him a name,
The monkey is a puppet names Peek-a-boo!  He is the cutest thing.

This is my listening center.  The drawers contain portable tape players and CD players.  I bought some MP3s but I can't afford the downloads.  Anyone know of good sites for free downloads?

My reading area is almost all organized.  My janitor is going to build me another shelf to fit all my books.  Now my palm tree is a work in progress.  I had two tubes and I grabbed the shorter one and I shouldn't have.  I'm going to bring the bigger one.  Then I still have to make the leaves instead of the smiley face umbrella!!

 This is the part I don't want to show you!!
This is my guided reading table!  But before I left tonight I had it cleaned off!  It has all my laminating and copies for the first week's lessons!

Now this I did not get cleaned up!  This is my problem - I am a confessed paper piler.  So these are the papers I did not file last year and I'm trying to get them put away!  I'm getting to the point where I want to put then in the circular file!  Any tips for getting me to put away files after I use them?  I am just terrible!

This is my desk.  It faces the wall!  Gotta have my Diet Coke.  I'm starting to pile!  I need an intervention!!
Wow - you made it through all that!  You are a great follower!  Have a great weekend!  Don't forget my sale at TpT!  My link is on my sidebar!  Thanks for stoppin and shoppin! :)


  1. Looks great. Take some time to enjoy the weekend!

    ❤Jodi from...
    ★★The Clutter-Free Classroom★★
    Helping Teachers Get Organized

  2. Love all the jungle decor!! You'll have the rest finished in no time!

  3. You just have to get settled! You can also try my tabletop organizer, it worked wonders for me!

  4. Room looks great! We all have those areas that drive us crazy, but we don't know how to fix. Mine is a corner in my room where my computer is. I'm a self-confessed piler as well. Something that has helped me is that I don't keep paper copies of much of anything anymore. If I can scan it and keep it on my jump drive, I do. Then I don't have the paper clutter sitting around! Also, I try to take pictures of art projects and other ideas, rather than keeping physical samples that I will just put in a pile somewhere. Hope this helps a little!

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