Jungle Bucks

This is my Behavior System that I use.  The children earn Jungle Bucks when their parents sign their  assignment sheet and I randomly give out Jungle Bucks when I see good behavior.
These are the Jungle Bucks that I use.  I got them from Theme Machine
For some reason her link is not working.  I have searched all over for it.  The website is www.teachfactory.com and is not up.  If you happen to come across it let me know and I'll update this page.  Sorry about that!
 She sells all kinds of themes but you can get the Jungle Theme for free!  Students keep a baggie in their desks with their name on it to store their Jungle Bucks.

I store my Jungle Bucks in a baby wipe container.  I'm going to redecorate it but haven't gotten around to it.  I got the big treasure box from Family Dollar for $10 last year.  The little treasure box used to be my husband's jewelry box when he was a young boy.  It's falling apart!
I'm starting a Behavior Binder with rewards that I saw on First Grader at Last.  It's such a great idea.  I'm going to use it along with my Treasure Box.  They can choose from the binder or the treasures.  I think this will turn out nice.

I use paper protectors and made about 5 copies of each certificate.  I laminated them so I can reuse them when they return the certificate.   These are not my category ideas - they were so good I felt no need to add to them or change them.

I did half-sheets to save paper!


  1. Love them! Would you be willing to share?

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  2. I wish I could share but I Lettering Delights doesn't allow sharing or selling. I wish they did. I just love using their products. Especially their alphabets.


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