T.I.G.E.R. Folder

 For Take Home Folders I use the T.I.G.E.R. (Today I've Got Everything Ready).  We get the folders from Extra Packaging Company.  They last forever!  It's well worth the money.  They are $1.35 each.  The more you buy the less they are.  Many of our grades use these.  Our school buys them for us.

The first pocket contains an information sheet.  It has the my contact information, specials schedule and what each pocket is used for. 

The inside has labeled Return to School and Keep at Home.  These labels work pretty good.  The nice part is that the folder holds up to all their pulling!  For Back to School Night I put all the forms I want them to fill out.  I will also put the parent handbook on the right side but I haven't run them off yet.  The forms I use are in my Parent Handbook.

In the back pocket I put their reading record sheet.  I put a new one in for every month.

On Back To School Night I put this on top of the folder for the parents to follow.  Another blog had this idea, I just adapted it for my theme and needs.

  I tried to make the photos big enough so you could copy the info.


  1. Our school has bought these for several years. Our is also in our school colors and has the school mascot on the front cover. They are very durable and last all year.
    The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

  2. Thank you for posting about these folders. At our school, we are an all-kindergarten building, and each teacher/classroom is assigned a color to differentiate us. Each classroom uses these folders in their class' color. Since our school buys these for us, I have been trying to figure out how to do all the "binder" stuff everyone has been posting about, but use these folders instead. I pretty much do what you do, except we keep our reading logs on the left side, and I put a sheet in the back which has all of our letters, numbers, and popcorn words, along with their address & phone number. This is so they have a "study sheet" - many parents don't realize that kindergarten isn't "just play" anymore!

    Kool Kinders


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