I was going through my photos and realized I never posted about my applesauce that we made! 

 I send home a note asking for parents to peel and cut up two apples.  The kiddos get to put the apples in the crock pot.  I add water, sugar and cinnamon to taste.  Cook on high and it will be done by the afternoon.  Stir throughout the day.  Use a potato masher to soften up the apples.  This year mine were so tender I only needed a spoon.  The smell in the room and hallway is amazing.

Here's the sample text I use when requesting the apples.

Dear Parent(s):
We will be celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s birthday by making applesauce! 
Please send 2 apples to school on, Friday, September 30th.   Please peel and slice them.
This will make it easier to put in the crockpot!  We will be brewing it all morning
and eating it in the afternoon.  It’s a great treat!
 Thank you for your help in advance.
First Grade Teachers

That's all she wrote!! 
All gone!

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