Student Treasures Books and Writing Freebies!

Free Student Book PublishingFor the last few years our school has been using Student Treasures.  This is a company that prints student stories into a hard cover book!  It's very exciting to have.

We go through the whole writing process to get a final story.  I go through each step very slowly.  First it's modeled on my interactive whiteboard.  I have a Promethean.  If you want a copy of it, click here!
After I model each part we do a "Stop, pair, share".  Verbalizing their ideas is really helpful in getting it on the paper.    Click on a photo below to get the Activinspire flipchart for free.  Make sure you have the software to download it!

We work with a beginning, middle and end writing packet.  Some students would love to write their whole story on the first page and be done with it!  But that wouldn't make a very long or interesting story!  We go back and do a lot of revising and "digging" for ideas!  We add details and adjectives.  Click here for a copy of the writing BME packet.  Have fun with your writing!


  1. I absolutely love the BME freebie! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

    1. Glad you like it! It's been very helpful for me.

  2. Love the BME freebie! Thank you :)


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