Blurt Chart Freebie

I just love Pinterest!  I could spend hours surfing!  I ran across a "Blurt Chart" last night and I had to get it started right away.  Click above to see the inspiration and this is what I put together this morning before the kids got to school.

Click here to get the smiley faces and title.  It's a word document on googledocs.
It's nothing fancy but it was quick.  The font I used is Annoying Kettle from Kevin and Amanda.  and Lettering Delights.  I don't believe it's available anymore.  I used an old pocketchart that was for graphing the weather.  The spots fit nicely.  A few names were too long but I'll make it better for next year!

Each student has three smiley faces.  When they blurt out in class they lose a smiley face.  I connected this to my behavior chart.  If they lose all three they move down a level on the chart.
I can't remember who shared this chart freebie.  But it has been wonderful!    Found the link:  Click to go to Queen of the First Grade Jungle.

Here are some other link charts:  Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten.  The Wonderful World of Kindergarten shared this one.

If they do not lose a smiley face they get to move up a level at the end of the day.  I know this is only the first day but wow was it nice and peaceful today!  

My students earn stickers on their charts at the end of the day based on their color.  
Yellow, Orange and Red do not earn a sticker.
Green = 1 sticker
Blue = 2 stickers
Purple = 3 stickers

On Friday if they have 5 stickers they earn a small prize: gumball, candy, pencil, eraser or sticker.  The No Monkey Business chart is on TpT.  Click here if you're interested.

 Today we started our seed experiment and planted the grass seed.  Sorry the pictures aren't better.  The sun caused a glare.  Check out my postings from last year about plants.  Seeds    Parts of a Plant
You can get everything I do in my Seeds and Plant Unit on TpT.

Have a great day!!  Thanks for getting through this long posting!!

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  1. Cute idea! When I looked at the document, it had the "blurt chart" words and your kiddos names but no smiley faces. Did I miss them? Could be! :) Lisa


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