Special Letter to Parents - Freebie

On back to school night I like to make the students and the parents feel at ease.  Many, many years ago I found this idea about putting a cotton ball in an envelope and adding the little letter.  I've had parents later on tell me that they saved this letter and they were so happy that I was caring for their child like they would.

You can pick up your copy, here or the picture.

I made the same poem with a few different characters: monkey, lion, frog, owl, and fish.
Hope one of those themes will work for you.

Labels for the front of the envelopes.  


  1. That's a very sweet letter!

  2. What a wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing it! I can't wait to use it. It goes along with the end of the year letter that I always give to my parents. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure


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