Getting Ready!

How excited can one person get over getting a binder in the mail?  Pretty excited if you're me or almost any teacher!!

Here's my new Zazzle binder.

 I use the poly dividers that have pockets.  Great for when you need to whole punch something and can't get to it right away.   This year I am combining two binders (lesson plans + grade book)
This year we are required to check off when we teach a common core standard.  So of course that's in the binder.  I am using one from TpT by Angela Rubin.  Why invent the wheel - it's all done for me and only $4.00!!

Here's a fun find from the Dollar Tree!

Are any of you making the cute bulletin board for writing with the big eyes?  Found it on pinterest and you can get a freebie bulletin board set from Live, Love, Laugh.  Go to her site to get your own!
Saw this pen and thought - My Editing Pen!!  How fun!


  1. I love your binder!!! It's soooooo cute! Thanks for the tip about the common core checklist. That sounds like something I need.
    First Grade Found Me

  2. I am doing the big eyed writing board this year! I am so excited about it. I also created a free bulletin board set to go along with this writing board. Feel free to check it out.

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels


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