CAFE board transformed

This is my CAFE board from last year.  I followed the method as described by The Sisters.  I struggled with the organization of this.  The board was too high to be accessable and the post it notes kept falling off.  I can't remember where I saw it but I saw someone use pocket charts for each category.  I'm going to like that I can easily take the cards down to use them.  Instead of post it notes I'm going to use cards with their names on them that will be put in the last pocket of the chart.

Here's my new board!!

I moved it to a lower board so the students can move their name to the skill they are working on.  In the box on top of the dvd player I have all the skill cards and name cards.  My next goal would to be able to have the microwave somewhere else!  Wish I had more room!  So far we have 3 skills we have been working on:  Check on Comprehension, Retell Beginning/Middle/End and Characters and Settings.

I am really liking this system!  You should try it!!
Get the poster headers for free!  Click here!

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