Pumpkin Carving Writing Project and a Freebie Literacy Center

Every year I carve pumpkins with my class and to make sure it relates to curriculum, I have developed this writing and math integration unit.  This pack includes all the notes you need to send home.  You still have time to do this!!  I've also added some math and literacy centers.  Scroll to the bottom and get one for free!

To get this at my TpT Shop Click Here!
To get this at my TN Shop Click Here!

There are journal pages for each stage of carving: Pumpkin, While Carving and Jack-o-lantern

An additional Math Center (multiple levels included)

You can get this center for free.
Click Here!  If you like it add some love in the comments!  I love to hear from you!


  1. Thank you!! We just finished r blends and this will be a great review!

  2. How do I get the Pumpkin Writing unit? I clicked everywhere but it didn't take me to it. :(

    1. I guess it would help to put the links! Late night posting! I added them to the post but they are here below too. Thank you for letting me know!

      TpT - http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Pumpkin-Writing-Project-and-Pumpkin-Centers

      TN Shop - http://www.teachersnotebook.com/product/LittlePriorities/pumpkin-writing-project-and-pumpkin-centers

  3. I love it. My first graders are working on this skill this week so it is perfect. Thanks for sharing.


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