Thesaurus Thursday and Giveaway Winners

Today I read the story Autumn's First Leaf by Steve Metzger.  What a fantastic story about jealousy and differences.  The last word in the book is fall.

I drew a leaf outline and wrote the word fall.  Students came up with Autumn meaning the same.  We talked about words can have two different meanings and that fall mean going down.  We then looked up fall in our new thesauruses!  I am so excited to get these.  My school purchased 5 of them.  We worked on alphabetical order too!  What a full lesson.  We wrote the ones from the book and then they came up with more.

Childrens Illustrated Thesaurus

My librarian had gotten these for 15 cents plus shipping!  What a bargain!!

Giveaway Winners!  I finally got around to picking my winners for the Fall Giveaway!

Here's a link for the original link with the winners.  Click Here!
I emailed all the winners.  If you didn't get your email please contact me.  One bounced back to me. :(

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  1. That is my favorite thesaurus to use! Unfortunately, it has gone out of print now. I have bought it for all of my libraries and my newest library will have to do without it. I found a great one through Scholastic for this school. Have fun using that wonderful thesaurus!


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