Thesaurus Thursday

Thesaurus Thursday is what my class has been doing for the last two weeks.  It's a great way to emphasize Word Choice for Six Traits.

Week 1:  Start playing some spooky music.  If you don't have one you can find some online.  Here use this one to get you started!!!

On chart paper I drew a ghost.  Wrote the word scary inside it.  Then the kids came up with other words that mean scary.  We looked into a thesaurus to get a few different words but honestly the kids were loving coming up with words and did a really good job!

Week 2:  Read the book, Move by Steve Jenkins.  This book goes through how different animals move.  After the reading, the students started listing words that mean the same as move.  I drew a spider (one of the animals in the book - fits the Halloween theme too).  They started with saying the ones that were in the book but then they expanded to adding their own.  I have some new thesauruses on order from Amazon!  Got them for 15 cents!

I am posting these on a bulletin board for the students to add to their writing.  When the board gets full I am going to print these photos to add to our anchor chart binder.

Click on the photo to get your own cover.

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