Summer Reading List - Linky Party

I love to read as most teachers do and I really work hard to give myself time during the year to read for pleasure.  I am currently reading book 13 out of 20! of the The Sisterhood Series by Fern Michaels.  I hope to finish the whole series this summer!  This should probably be all I read!

I'm hoping to join Mrs. Wills Book Study.  I'm trying to get all the teachers in my school PreK-4 to join in!

My favorite author for relaxing is Barbara Freethey!  She incorporates mystery and love in such a unique way.   She has a new series I haven't started yet and a sequel to a fantastic series from Angel Bay.  I can't wait for it to come out in June!  Her books are hard to find.  I end up ordering online.  Now that I have my Kindle Fire - it takes a press of a button!

Daniel’s Gift
This book was amazing.  It's about boy that is hurt and through this tragedy he gets a guardian angel.  I couldn't put it down.  I don't want to tell you more!  You should get it!

Happy Reading this Summer ~ I know I will!


My Summer Bucket List LInky Party!

Every year my family makes a bucket list of what we want to do for the summer.  We make a large chart and check them off as we go.  This was last year's list.  We haven't made our list yet this year!  But Disney World is on the top of the list.  We leave in June!!  We can't wait!

Well here's my School Bucket List!!

1.  Use black bulletin borders for all my boards.  I have this green in my room too.    I want to buy more fabric for the boards that I still have paper for.  I saw in some rooms they covered the walls with paper and fabric.  I don't know how to get that large of fabric to stick to a wall.  It would be nice to cover my icky walls though!
Clutter Free Classroom Posted about this classroom with her organization tips.  Click on pic.

2.  Hook my desks together with cable ties so they can not move all over the room!  The only thing is I like to move students around until I find a good fit.  I guess they would have to switch desks since I can't move them.  Hmmmm?
First Grade Factory - click above to her post.

3.  Learn how to use my new iPods in my classroom.  Stop by my Linky Party to share ideas!  Click below to add your ideas.

4.  Redo my Sight Word homework.  Every week I send home the week's sight words for the students to practice on with their parents.  Our school is working on aligning the dolch list so none of the words are missed.  Wish I had a copy to show you - must be on my school computer!

I'm sure there is a lot more but my but it's time to rest my brain and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Rockin' Resources LInky Party and a freebie

Teacher Idea Factory is hosting a linky party of the things we cannot live with out!  I'm always looking for new ideas so hopefully I use something you would like!

My Top 5 Resources

1.  Lettering Delights - If you sign up you get $40 worth of  free products.  I love using their fonts.
LD Elementary is one of my favorites!!  I like that the letter a and g are made the way I want the kids to write.  If you use the trainer set below and type shift underscore you get a blank line and you can adjust the sizes.  Click on the fonts to go these sets.

2.  InkJoy Papermate Pens  -  I love how they write.  They are so smooth!  They're a little bit expensive so keep an eye out for thieves!!  I like the 700RT better than the 300RT but both are great!

3.  Clipboards!  My students use them all the time.  Write the Room, Sitting at the Circle and Choosing to Write in a personal spot!  I found them for a good price at Sam's Club.

4.  My Assessment Binder from Zazzle!  I keep all my Daily Five assessment in here.  I need to order more. Not only is it really cute but they are well made.  I'll have to keep my eye out for a sale.  Let me know if you hear about one.

5.  My Daily Communication system with my parents about homework and behavior.  I am using a blurt chart and a clip chart for behavior.  It has been very useful for me.  This class has been hard to manage and these three items have helped me the most.

Every time they talk out they remove a smiley face, after three they move down on the behavior chart.

Can't remember who shared this!  But I love it.

I added a reward part.  If they are on green.  They get one sticker.  On blue they get two stickers, on purple they earn three stickers.  After five stickers they get a small prize:  gumball, sticker, pencil, tootsie roll etc...  This really has helped.

This is my homework sheet that goes in their T.I.G.E.R. Folder:  Today I Have Everything Ready!  This folder goes home everyday.  Here's a previous post about it.  Click below to get a pdf version.  Sorry I can't provide it writable.  The margins would get all messed up.

6.  Of course I couldn't live without my Promethean Board but that's not easily available for all!  

Hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  Today I cleaned my boys' dressers out!  Not the most fun but productive!!


Mr. Potato Head Pieces for Plant Cups and iPad Linky Party

My Fantastic Brother, Marc Kienast, designed Mr. Potato Head Pieces for my Seeds and Plant Mini-unit!  He is so creative.  I have been asked to just sell the clip art without the unit.  So your wish is my command!   

Click above to get just the clip art for $2.00.

If you want the whole unit that also includes the clip art click above!  Only $4.50.

Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile!  It's just been really crazy with the end of the year.  On Friday we had a teacher inservice day we call "Records Day".  We work on class lists, curriculum alignment, test scores and so much more!  We never have enough time to finish everything! 

I am receiving 3 iPads for my classroom.  I am so excited!  I love all this technology.  I am going to conference on Thursday to learn about iPads.  I would love to know what you do!

Link up your ideas below and please post the link on your blog.  The more bloggers that share the better.  I need lots of ideas!!!


Science Assembly

Last week we had a fun and exciting Science Assembly.  For the life of my I can't remember his silly stage name.  He used balloons to teach simple machines.  It was very creative and the kids loved it.

They held different shaped balloons to see which balloon held the  most potential energy.

Inclined Plane
These balloons were put together to make a screw.  They flew threw the air like footballs.

This is a complex machine combining all of the simple machines they learned about.  It was a mousetrap!
Here's the Mouse!  Mrs. Zackery our principal!

This year has gone so fast and I am not going to be able to fit in my simple machine unit.  Could this assembly have been any better??

Accelerated Degree Programs
This link takes you to the website where you click on the comments and then scroll to Little Priorities.  You have to sign up for Google+ in order to vote.  It's easy to do.  I'm still looking into the benefits of doing Google+ but Google sure has a lot of cool things that are free.

Field Day

You know the end of the year is getting close when you have Field Day!  We had beautiful weather!

Our PTO runs the whole thing!  They buy everyone in the school a T-shirt.  The t-shirt is designed by a student.  We held a school-wide contest.

We go through 5 stations.  Potato Bag Races, Hippity Hop Races, Tug-o-war, Obstacle Race and Water Ball Toss.  I love watching their faces when they play these games.  

Our principal joining in on the water ball toss!!  She's so hands-on with the kids!  They love her!

Accelerated Degree Programs
This link takes you to the website where you click on the comments and then scroll to Little Priorities.  You have to sign up for Google+ in order to vote.  It's easy to do.  I'm still looking into the benefits of doing Google+ but Google sure has a lot of cool things that are free.

Treasures Spelling List Freebies

Our school uses The Treasures Reading Series.  I've enjoyed using it over the years.  To help a bit with differentiation my first grade team developed a challenge list for kids that were able to get 100% on a pretest on the words.  Click below if you want a copy of the pretest page I use.

If you would like a copy of each spelling list I use go to my teams First Grade Webpage where I have every unit listed by the week.  You can download them there.  
I know this doesn't help you much at this point of the year but I am hoping to get you started for next year.  We have volunteers that make copies for us and I always put in my order for next years lists.  Then it's all done and no more worries! 

Thank you for visiting!  If you're new please become a follower.  

Accelerated Degree Programs

Please Vote For Me

Accelerated Degree Programs

I'm very honored to be nominated for this blog award.
Voting Starts Today and goes until May 21st!  Please stop back everyday to vote!

Inspired Pinterest Mother's Day Project

I know it's too late for this year - but this was an inexpensive and easy activity and they turned out so cute.

Right now these 6"x6" white tiles are on sale at Menard's for 39 cents each.  So I'm going this weekend to pick them up for next year!  We used acrylic paint from the art room and Sharpie markers.  So easy!

Write words on first!  This is mine but let the kids do the writing.

Index finger for grass.

Then add the bugs!  Let them dry and add the details.

We wrapped them in tissue paper and attached a card that came from Look What I Wrote!  I love the projects in this book.  This must be out of print.  The link is to Amazon.  A new copy costs $244.00  - I suggest you buy it used!  The binding in this book breaks easily so they may be falling apart when you buy it but the pages are great!

I don't know about you but I always make more patterns or copies than I need.  I hate to throw them out so this is how I store them.  I put all the pieces in a ziploc bag along with the printable masters.  

I have three drawers: Fall, Winter and Spring Projects.  It's getting pretty full with all the wonderful ideas I find on the web so I may need to get a bigger system.  I also do this with all my reading craftivities.  I keep these in big bins for each unit. 

Have a blessed weekend and Mother's Day!!
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