Abominable Snow Teacher Activity

What a fun story to read to your kiddos especially if you think you might have a snow day coming up! Sorry Florida! :(

During the reading I pause at the part of the story where the boy makes a snowball and is going to roll it down the hill.  Ask them to make a prediction: What do they think will happen to the snowball?  Such funny answers!

After we were done we figured out the problem and solution and wrote it on this cute snowman that looks like Miss Irma Birmbaum!

We started to think about what we might look like as an abominable student and used Tux Paint to make our creations!  They are going to add writing about what happened to make them change into this and how did it feel.  This was snow much fun!  Here a few of their creations!


  1. Your drawing is so cute. My little Florida firsties haven't seen snow but this would still be fun. Thank you for sharing.
    Primary Paradise

  2. We made snow today in class. We are learning about liquids and solids. You use sodium polyacrylate. I bought mine from a school supply but it's the same stuff as in diapers! Here's a link: http://chemistry.about.com/od/chemistryhowtoguide/ht/fakesnow.htm


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