Spelling Practice with Shaving Cream

If you're not afraid of a little mess this is for you! Have the kiddos practice their spelling words in shaving cream on their desks. Added benefit - clean desks! Especially, with all the flu going around by us!



  1. Absolutely brilliant Lori! Am definitely going to try this one with my little homeschooler who has sensory processing deficits. She tires easily using a pencil, so this will provide a welcome and motivating break. Cheers and much appreciated!

  2. My students get so excited when they see the shaving cream sitting on my desk. We use it for math also. I will give them a problem and they write the answers in the shaving cream. I am a huge Packers fan also. So sad after last nights game. :( Have a great Sunday!
    Mrs. Laue's Littles


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