Donor's Choose Project and Freebie Friday

I am so excited about my Donor's Choose project!  I only have $31 to go!  
I hope it gets fulfilled before school starts.  I've had a lot of generous people!  It amazes me!

Can't remember who's blog shared the idea on these cute birthday bags but I just thought it was a great idea and a money saver!

Print these out on paper and fold in half.  Fold down the baggie a bit put the paper over and staple.

I used the portion control baggies from Walmart (Great Value brand) - a lot cheaper than velum bags.
  I put a 1/4 cup in each one.  I made 20 bags and didn't quite use 2 bags of Skittles!  
Click on a picture to get a copy.  Obviously yours doesn't say Love, Mrs. Moldenhauer!

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Freebie Fridays

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