More Classroom pics for 2013 and Freebies!

We had Back to School Night on Wednesday.  It was nice to meet everyone and they were very excited.  This year I have 18 kiddos.  I took these pics last weekend but no time to post them!

Looking at the back wall.
These are my two new Focus Boards!
I have one for reading and math.


Currently my plan is to add all the vocabulary words to the black pocket chart.  The yellow pocket chart is an old calendar pocket chart that I have changed into my Math Tub schedule.  I have 9 tubs but I'm going to start with 5.  

Pretty blank!  I am going to be getting the Focus on Reading pocket chart from Lakeshore.  It's part of my Donor's Choice project that was just fulfilled!  

Sorry it's fuzzy!  I had purchased a Bubble Gum Timed Test unit last year and this is where I put what level they are on.  I made bubble gum machines with circles on it and when they pass a level they put a round sticker on it.  Of course they get a gumball too!  I'm going to add a pink balloon to the monkey's mouth!

Students bring in family photos and they stay up all year!  They love looking at it!  I added mine first!

This is my Daily Five rotation board.  I'm going to have to adjust it because I don't have time for four groups.  So I'm going to have 3.  I'm hoping my gifted students will be able to get some support.  The D5 cards are from Lyndsey Kuster and they were free!  She has great posters too!  

I've had this pencil for many years!  Too many actually!  I added the idea list from The Teacher's Wife!  Get it for Free!  I love free!

My Writing and Word Work Table!  I have Parent Volunteer packets on it right now.  I had a few parents take some home at Back to School Night.  I'm so happy!  Click here to read a previous post on Parent Packs and pick up the cover page for free.

These are my sight word cards.  I have three sets of each unit.  
They correlate to the Treasure's Reading Series.  If you want a set click here!  Download the preview and you can get unit 4 for free.  Each unit has a game to go along with the words.  Students can work at their own pace that's why I have them all out.  If they pass unit 1 (bowling balls), they can go onto unit 2 (footballs)!  Such fun!

Updated my vowel posters!  Thanks to the TpT sale!

These are on our door.  I loved using these last year.  The kids got to look at the digital and analog.  It also let visitors know where we were.  Click here to get yours for Free!

I have a student assistant help me change the schedule every day!  They love know what is coming next.  They help keep my on track!

Any of you use Math Expressions from Houghton Mifflin?  This poster is ridiculous!  It's huge and it doesn't flow correctly.  The first one goes to 120 and the next one picks up at 121 to 240 but you can't read them left to right all the way across and you can't put them under each other because they don't line up that way either!  What to do?  Any suggestions?  This is my first year with the program.

I store my math tub activities in this bin system.  I have them labeled with the CCSS.  
You can get your copy here.  I need to get another bin - this one is full!

Book Hospital!
Here's the label if you want it!
Click here!

I am most excited about how much I have thrown away this summer!  I feel free!  I filled these numerous times!

God's Blessings to you all this year!  


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