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Chomping and Chewing Party

This week was a lot of fun practicing the /ch/ sound!  I use the song Chomping and Chewing from CTP called Fun Phonics.  I have had this for years!  Not sure if they even sell it anymore!  I saw one on Ebay.

We had a Chomping and Chewing Party on Friday.  Each child had to bring a food that had a /ch/ in it!

We had Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Chips, Cheeze Nips, Chocolate Chex Mix, Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix, Chocolate Candy, Chester's Cheddar Popcorn, Cheetos, Cheese, Cheerios and Chips.

Here we are chomping our food!!  

Then we watched Charlotte's Web!  We have been reading the book because we are going to the play in February!!  We only watched half the movie and we have so much food left we will be having a Take 2 on Monday!

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Spelling Practice with Shaving Cream

If you're not afraid of a little mess this is for you! Have the kiddos practice their spelling words in shaving cream on their desks. Added benefit - clean desks! Especially, with all the flu going around by us!


Abominable Snow Teacher Activity

What a fun story to read to your kiddos especially if you think you might have a snow day coming up! Sorry Florida! :(

During the reading I pause at the part of the story where the boy makes a snowball and is going to roll it down the hill.  Ask them to make a prediction: What do they think will happen to the snowball?  Such funny answers!

After we were done we figured out the problem and solution and wrote it on this cute snowman that looks like Miss Irma Birmbaum!

We started to think about what we might look like as an abominable student and used Tux Paint to make our creations!  They are going to add writing about what happened to make them change into this and how did it feel.  This was snow much fun!  Here a few of their creations!


Vacation Story Graphic Organizer Freebie

Do you need a quick writing activity?  Here you go!

Students write their topic in the center of the snowman and then write 4 details in the snowflakes.  I did this on day 1 and the next day model adding details to sentences and then let them write their own.  Make sure you let them share their stories with the class.  They are bursting to share everything about their vacation.


Everyday Math Unit 5 for Promethean Board

I'm starting Unit 5 tomorrow and I just tweaked my flipchart for my Promethean Board.  If you would like to get your copy click on the above pic.  I want to try more differentiation in my future lessons.  Any suggestions as to how you do it in your room.

Happy New Year!!

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