Daily Oral Language (DOL)

I differentiate my morning DOL!

I love the Evan-Moor Series.  I use the first and second grade books and I've tried the third.  Some of the third grade skills were at my kiddos levels but the sentence combinations were a bit tricky!

Old and New Covers - same content (What I love about Evan-Moor and Teacher Created Materials is now you can purchase as ebooks!)  Super easy way to print!

When I run off the copies I use colored paper to keep them organized.  Students work on these while they eat their breakfast (yes - we eat breakfast in our rooms!)  

When students get stuck they put a ? next to the number and I help them on that problem later.  They are working on these independently.  While they are working on this I am taking a Guided Reading Group.  We only meet for 15 minutes.  This morning time is used to work on fluency and comprehension.  We usually do not have any word work at this time.

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